Say "TA-TA" to Crappy Naps (e-course)

Go from a fussy, over-stimulated baby (crying because he needed a nap 20 minutes ago), to a calmer, more relaxed baby who is falling asleep when the timing is right.

Achieve confidence in your day-to-day when it comes to your baby's naps. This is the perfect jump into learning about your baby, and what their unique sleep needs really are as they grow!

There is a big need among families for clarity surrounding daytime sleep requirements, schedules, wake windows, and baby-led cues, to name a few.

Naps are typically a huge part of the challenge when I work 1:1 with families. This micro-course, however, will guide you through my strategy to understand your baby's daytime sleep needs that have had families sharing "Kim gave us one or two tips and the results were like a miracle!" and "Thanks to Kim, our daughter now sleeps with clockwork precision!"

The benefit of focusing on nap support is that parents may not realize that understanding their baby's unique sleep needs, can help resolve challenges in the daytime. Therefore, may improve nighttime issues without implementing formal sleep coaching.

Let's talk about what's included:

Pre-work so you can clearly define where you are with your child's sleep challenges and what you would like to accomplish and learn during this course.

✅ Core modules with subsequent that will give you all the information you need about naps: why they are important, how they work, how to expertly understand the changing sleep needs of your unique child, and lastly how to troubleshoot naps when you hit bumps in the road.

✅ My awesome guided schedules for each age and stage from four months up to two years of age. They are realistic and can be modified for your child's current needs!

Not convinced? Let's dive deeper:

Who is this course for? Parents who want to gain clarity surrounding their baby's sleep needs, most specifically naps! Your baby is between the ages of 4 months and 2 years.

Why should you sign up? If you are struggling with short naps, non-existent naps, or nap refusal and want all the reliable information in one place that is not only easily digestible but based on research, this micro-course is for you.

When can you start? You have access to the course and all the modules and lessons once you've signed up. The course is available to you for 2 years from the purchase date. PDFs and transcripts are easily downloadable for your future reference.

How much time will this course take you? This course is self-paced, and you have access to all the lessons immediately. You can skip to the lessons you want to learn about that pertain to the age of your child, and go back and listen/read the rest when you have time.

What if you have questions? If you are on the fence and want to chat 1:1 with me, please feel free to email me directly at

I can't wait for you to get those naps into shape!

Your Nap Enthusiast,
Kim Sopman

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