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Nurturing Family-Led Sleep Strategies

I feel like a failure... I don’t want to screw up my baby... tell me what I’m doing wrong!

These are comments I hear daily from parents struggling with their child’s sleep.

Whether it’s a newborn or a toddler, sleep eludes families. Parents become desperate - mental health and emotional stability take a toll.

What else can I can do but let my baby cry-it-out? I’m so desperate! They say.

Desperate for respite and for help with my baby’s sleep, I was that parent too. I didn’t know then what I know now about normal infant sleep. I’m here to share my fails and wins and education with you. I want to dispel the myth that cry-it-out is the only way to get a good night of sleep. Then as parents, you can feel confident and in control about the decisions you make surrounding sleep-wellness for your entire family.

At Rest Easy Sleep we use a family-led approach that embraces the different needs of everyone involved. Our goal is to move parents past the fatigue, tears, and frustration and get them back to enjoying life with their child!

We hope you join us in our FREE resource vault and learn more about us. There is no better time to optimize sleep with Rest Easy Sleep. We are so glad you are here!

Kim Sopman
Certified Sleep Consultant
Founder of Rest Easy Sleep Consulting

Available Resources

Resource Vault - FREE content inside!

As a certified sleep consultant, all I have ever wanted was to work with balance. Consider what the family needs. What the baby needs, and what developmental stage the baby is in.

Parents need to feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there are steps they can take to make things easier while waiting to take further action to address their challenges.

I hope you enjoy these resources as much as I have enjoyed compiling them for you! There is something for everyone, but if you can't find what you are looking for, please reach out and let me know so I can include that too.

Family-Led Stategy Call (babies 4-6 months)

How to CRUSH the 4-month sleep progression and beyond!

your family well-rested without jumping into sleep training because you can’t handle the sudden sleeplessness of your 4-month old infant.

Imagine the parental guilt-free feeling as a bonus of not jumping into sleep training.

If you’re a parent who has just survived the whirlwind newborn stage and want to know what the heck to do now!

Luckily, you are in the driver's seat, book a call with me and we will thoroughly discuss all your questions, sleep optimization options, and how to crush your future sleep-wellness goals!

Say "TA-TA" to Crappy Naps (e-course)

Go from a fussy, over-stimulated baby (crying because he needed a nap 20 minutes ago), to a calmer, more relaxed baby who is falling asleep when the timing is right.

Achieve confidence in your day-to-day when it comes to your baby's naps. This is the perfect jump into learning about your baby, and what their unique sleep needs really are as they grow!

In this e-course, we will dive into how to achieve realistic, flexible naps for your baby by uncovering your little one's unique sleep needs and how to adjust them over time!

Crappy naps, be gone!

Parent's Clarity Guide to Newborn Sleep (e-course)

Do you have a newborn? Are you overwhelmed with information about sleep, fussiness and all the other joys of newborn behaviour?

This comprehensive audio/visual e-course is based on my gentle, age-appropriate, and responsive style of sleep support. Unlike other newborn programs that feel like you are pushed into sleep training and leaving your baby to cry prematurely, this e-course gives you a realistic view of what normal infant sleep looks like, and there isn’t one single piece of information or advice that could disrupt the attachment between you and your new baby.

Sleep Unstuck (e-book)

Sleep Unstuck: Find the Positives in Separation Anxiety, Sleep Progressions & Nap Refusal

Have you ever wondered "What's happening here! This can't be normal baby behaviour!" You will be pleased to know, that much of the time your baby's wacky, unexplainable behaviour is right on target with their developmental progressions! This e-book will take you through the biggest developmental leaps and how they can affect sleep - and what to do about it!

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