Parent's Clarity Guide to Newborn Sleep (e-course)

Best kept newborn sleep secrets, even for the seasoned parent

All newborns do is eat, sleep and poop, right? Wrong. Sometimes they don’t sleep much or won’t sleep at all - you wonder how on earth they have the staying power. Wide-eyed for hours!

You may also have a newborn who sleeps all day and you feel like a champion until they are awake all night and you could have sworn that your mother said “sleep begets sleep!”

You might try to rock, bounce or feed your baby for hours or buy a bunch of contraptions in the hope that will fix the problem. Your friend’s new baby sleeps 17 out of 24 hours, so what is wrong with your baby? Is this a cruel joke?

You’re not sleeping. Your newborn isn’t sleeping. Maybe you feel a lack of connection because your patience is thin, frustration is high, and exhaustion is beyond what you could have ever imagined.

You are overwhelmed, tired, and can’t understand why the minute you release your newborn from your arms her eyes fly open in horror! This baby won’t sleep alone! You pull out your best tricks - standing on your head and playing the harp won’t even work!

You conclude that you will need to live in zombie-like fatigue for the next 6 months. Taking a shower is near impossible and you can’t remember the last time you ate a proper meal.

How can you enjoy your sweet new baby feeling like this?

Yes, being tired is definitely a big part of parenthood - but what if you had the wisdom and tools to make the newborn stage a little easier to navigate therefore more enjoyable?

I was “that mom” wandering the hospital halls with a fresh, screaming newborn that wouldn’t sleep, with zero takeaway sleep advice from the hospital parenting class that just wrapped up a few weeks earlier.

I knew how to change a Cabbage Patch baby’s diaper. I knew how to properly support my new baby’s head. I was even told breastfeeding would be difficult, but I had to just “figure it out.” But no one told me a thing about newborn sleep. Or the lack of it!


You might think this is the burden of a new parent, and riding the wave of sleepless uncertainty is the norm. You can just Google what you need to know anyway, right? Forget the millions of differing opinions and answers you have to wade through.


This comprehensive audio/visual e-course is based on my gentle, age-appropriate, and responsive style of sleep support. Unlike other newborn programs that feel like you are pushed into sleep training and leaving your baby to cry prematurely, this e-course gives you a realistic view of what normal infant sleep looks like, and there isn’t one single piece of information or advice that could disrupt the attachment between you and your new baby.

Imagine feeling calmer and more confident, armed with knowledge and some tricks up your sleeve.

Imagine UNDERSTANDING what your newborn is going through and how to best help them sleep well, grow and develop.

Imagine being excited for what lies ahead in your baby’s sleep journey - instead of feeding on the negativity that often surrounds baby sleep. All the talk about dreaded regressions every couple of months, the fussiness that will fall on you when one of 82 moons enters Saturn’s orbit. Let’s stop this and celebrate those milestones that yes, may cause some sleep disruption - but your baby is developing and learning new skills! That is something to celebrate.

If you’re looking for:

  • A gradual approach to improving sleep
  • Attachment-based methods
  • Simple, digestible information
  • Realistic goals and outcomes
  • Guidance from a trained expert

This e-course is for you!

Hey, I'm Kim! I hate getting up in the morning, I love puppies, I function on coffee and hugs from my kids. I am a sleep enthusiast at the core, looking to help families reclaim their downtime.

Sleep challenges in the home are a family affair. Everyone's mental and emotional well-being should be taken into consideration when implementing change. Balance is a BIG deal, we can't look at baby sleep through a narrow lens and assume sleep training will solve the problem.

A baby's sleep "problem" is a family sleep "problem" and should be investigated deeply. Throwing a generic sleep method at a struggling family is not going to get to the root of what is really going on... and oftentimes will make things worse.

Parent's Clarity Guide to
Newborn Sleep

The Reality of Newborn Sleep and

How to Cope in the 21st Century

This e-course is perfect for busy (and tired) parents who want quick access to realistic action plans to understand and improve sleep quality. Parents will have the answers about newborn sleep at their fingertips. With this e-course parents can stop googling misinformation, worrying about “screwing up” their newborn, and enjoy the short three months of the newborn stage!


You wouldn’t think an e-course could be life-changing…. But Kim’s Parent’s Clarity Guide to Newborn Sleep was a game-changer for our family. There is so much information here about what’s normal when it comes to newborn sleep, that I felt understanding my baby was so much EASIER than it would be if I muddled along googling aimlessly.

Tammy L. from Kansas City

This course will help you:

  • Have a clear understanding of normal infant sleep so you can stop googling and start connecting with your newborn
  • Set a solid sleep foundation you can be confident about instead of dreading the day ahead
  • Feel good about the choices you make for your new baby and family without wondering if you should let your newborn cry-it-out
  • Attune to your individual baby’s cues and needs so you can build a strong attachment and relationship with your newborn

What’s inside for the busy parent:

  • Audio files, so you can listen on the go
  • Closed captioning to watch on mute
  • Transcripts if you prefer to read
  • Slides for quick reference
  • Documents and cheat sheets, downloadable and printable
  • The course offers 4-months access

Throughout the course, you will feel armed with handy tips and expert advice, ready to navigate this journey with more clarity.


Here are some popular questions about the e-course:

How much time is required?

This e-course is self-paced and all modules and lessons are available immediately! Start with the topics that interest you most and go from there. The ability to listen or read while your baby naps in your arms, makes this course even more accessible for new parents!

How fast can I expect results?

This is not a sleep training/coaching program. Although there are plenty of tips and advice included in this e-course, not all strategies will work for all newborns all the time. This course is meant to educate, and provide realistic information about newborn sleep so you can make this special time enjoyable with less stress and worry!

I’m a second-time parent, is this e-course still applicable?

Absolutely - especially if you were bewildered by your newborn’s sleep the first time around! Plus, every baby is different, so you may find strategies in this course that you didn’t try with your first baby.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

You are invited to set up a 1:1 complimentary call with me here.

My newborn is a premie, would this e-course still be a good fit?

Yes! This course is NOT a sleep training or coaching program. It is important to note that you can take away what you want from this course - there is more than one way to approach sleep with your newborn. If you are concerned about your newborn’s health or well-being, you must speak to your doctor or pediatrician.

My baby isn’t born yet, can I still access this course?

Absolutely. Diving into this course BEFORE having your baby is an excellent idea. If you do purchase the course pre-birth, I will extend the access until your newborn turns 4 months! Go on and add it to your registry!

What if my newborn has extreme gas or reflux?

It is important to get to the root cause if your baby is in pain or suffering from reflux. A visit to your pediatrician is the best bet to discuss interventions. Be patient with your gassy or reflux baby as these newborns may wake frequently in the night and need your help. Try holding your baby upright after feeding before laying him or her down on their back to sleep.

What topics are covered?

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Realistic sleep expectations of your newborn
  • How sleep works
  • Is your baby sending out an SOS?
  • How to ‘read’ your baby’s cues
  • The importance of attachment
  • Moving from surviving to thriving as a new parent
  • Safe sleep guidelines
  • Settling techniques

I would certainly recommend Kim to anyone wanting to work 1:1 with a sleep coach or take an e-course about the mystery (and complexity) of naps or newborns. Kim understands newborn/baby sleep and development. Her commitment to families is incredible. She is determined to ensure the family unit is taken care of and rested.

Amie B. from Burlington

Here’s the truth:

Newborns can be confusing. Combine that with sleep science, and it’s downright mind-boggling! I want to change your experience. This e-course will help push away the clouds, so you can have a clear picture of what newborn sleep can look like!

See you inside! 😴😴😴

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