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When it comes to sleep, I've always been very much in my own lane, but not saying it out loud.

Knowing that in the world of sleep professionals words like holistic, gentle and professional are thrown around like confetti at a wedding.  All I have ever wanted was to work with balance. Consider what the family needs. What the baby needs, and what developmental stage the baby is in.

I want to inform parents of what babies are NOT capable of at certain stages and what we can do to help them by focusing on the parts of sleep health that won't stress out their baby and will not stress out the parents more, but allow the parents to know that what they are experiencing is normal.

Parents need to feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there are steps they can take to make things easier while waiting to take further action to address their challenges.

I hope you enjoy these resources as much as I have enjoyed compiling them for you! There is something for everyone, but if you can't find what you are looking for, please reach out and let me know so I can include that too.

What's inside:

You will find a module with reference documents you can read at your leisure.

Videos on various topics, you will get a real sense of how I work and what I think about normal infant sleep.

An e-book I wrote for everyone who is struggling right now. Last year was hard, but it isn't getting easier. This ebook will hopefully guide you back on track with your little ones and their sleep, so everyone can get the rest they need and deserve!

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Sleep & Sanity During Lockdown (e-book)

I totally admire my health advisor, Lindy. This is why... in 2021 she brought home a brand new baby with two other little ones at home. During a pandemic, I could not imagine having so much responsibility on my own shoulders. No true space to get to know my new baby and constantly running after two other toddlers!

We all have our 2021 story - we each have dealt with this madness in a different way. We have all had a chance to either wallow in the unfortunate circumstances or rise up and take chances. I can officially say I have done both at the same time!

No matter where you are now, or where you would like to be in terms of your family's sleep health, I can help you get there. I have nothing but love for all parents who have been putting their heads down and plowing through these difficult times! This ebook is for you.

Shhh! Cheat Sheets

Who doesn't love a good cheat sheet? No, you won't have to write these down on your hand! There won't be a quiz afterward...

Some consultants won't give this information away for free! I want to give you everything I didn't have when I was struggling with baby sleep almost eight years ago. I believe if we can understand what is normal about infant sleep, we can feel assured our instincts are right.

Here are some quick tips on sleep challenges you may be experiencing at your fingertips. Your fridge magnets will thank you!

I have a few things to say...

I am a quiet, introvert at heart. But, when I start talking about something that moves me deeply, I can't shut up. You guessed it, talking about sleep is one of my favourite things to do - anyone who will listen, I will offer my 10 cents.

Here are some videos of me, some short and some long! Pop in your earbuds and enjoy while you rock your little one to sleep... and hey, if you are tired of doing just that, let's talk!

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