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Family-Led Stategy Call (babies 4-6 months)

Family-Led Stategy Call (babies 4-6 months)

How to CRUSH the 4-month sleep progression and beyond!

your family well-rested without jumping into sleep training because you can’t handle the sudden sleeplessness of your 4-month old infant.

Imagine the parental guilt-free feeling as a bonus of not jumping into sleep training.

If you’re a parent who has just survived the whirlwind newborn stage and want to know what the heck to do now, read on...

You’ve probably already heard that the four-month sleep progression (or “regression” as the Debbie-downers call it) is a permanent change to an infant’s sleep cycles, and there is no avoiding the unsettled feelings your infant will experience and the difficulty that arises when it’s time to sleep.

Here’s what you might not know:

There is a misconception that during an infant’s fourth month of life it’s time to enforce “self-soothing.” Even though an infant’s sleep is becoming more organized and hopefully more predictable, it may not be time to make any formal changes (aka sleep training) just yet.

And here is what you might be thinking: 

Should I sleep train? How will I survive this? What do I do? Should I let my baby cry? What happened? He was sleeping through the night a week ago! What am I doing wrong!?

You will survive.

You’re not doing anything wrong.

No, you don’t need to leave your baby to cry.

Lots of parents try to compare their baby’s newborn sleep to what is happening now to figure out where it all went wrong.

Have you found the answer? Awesome.

But what the heck do you do next?

Be in the present, the stage your baby is in now. You can’t compare the sleep of a newborn to an infant, a baby or a toddler. Each stage is unique and it’s unfair to feel like you are the reason things are going downhill in the sleep department (or still going downhill).

4 Reasons Most Families Generally Fail To Solidify Sleep Success between 4-6 months:


Jumping into sleep training too early

At 4-months of age, babies are typically experiencing the sleep progression, which makes changes to sleep even harder to achieve. Parents feel this is when infants should be sleeping through the night while “self-soothing” and can’t understand why it’s not happening! Which means more crying and more frustration.


Sleep schedules are not optimized

If you are not sure how much wake and sleep time your infant should be achieving, sleep training won’t work well, especially for a baby who is over or under tired. Again, more unnecessary tears and frustration.


There isn’t a plan of action

As with reason 1, jumping into sleep training too early usually means parents are at the end of their rope and don’t have a solid plan (and backup plan) in place. Know your goals and make sure they are realistic!


The understanding that sleep is not linear

Realistic expectations are key when making any changes, big or small. If parents do not prepare for bumps in the road, such as illness, teething, developmental progressions, and the like, any progress made might be lost when undesirable sleep habits creep back in!

Introducing my

Family-Led Sleep Strategy Call
(perfect for 4-6-month-olds)

I've taken everything I've learned from countless hours of sleep education, holistic, newborn, sensitive and otherwise and put it all into this 45-minute call to give you the confidence to make decisions for your infant based on understanding not fear!

My Family-Led Sleep Strategy Call isn’t so much a coaching call; it is a deep dive into what a family wants to achieve and how to get there without falling into CIO methods out of desperation in the hopes of more sleep!

Imagine what life would be like if…

Your family was more rested

Bedtime and nap time took less effort

Environmental changes were mapped out and ready to implement with ease

A solid foundation for this new stage was ready to tackle with confidence

Realistic and achievable goals were set so you won't get stuck in a revolving door of exhaustion

This call will help you:

Create a flexible, predictable schedule for your infant
Focus on simple steps to improve sleep without compromising attachment

When and how to expect independent sleep at night and for naps

Unload your questions and worries, and feel fully supported!

That’s what we aim to achieve in the 
Family-Led Sleep Strategy Call!

Book a Family-Led Sleep Strategy Call with me this month for only $129.00 CAD

Book your 45-minute strategy call with me, and we can have our call via  Zoom, Google Meet or Phone.

This strategy call is for you if: You have a 4-6-month-old and you want to know your options for sleep coaching or how to avoid it, getting more sleep for your family, managing the four-month progression, you are in an unsustainable situation and need direction, or you want to make informed decisions based on normal infant development.

This strategy call is NOT for you if: You want a quick fix, have unrealistic expectations for your infant, you want to sleep train, you don’t have the patience to put gradual, age-appropriate steps into action or you are not ready to make any changes - you are happy with the status quo.

Need help or have questions?

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Family-Led Strategy Call

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